National Mod Piping First Results (updated with Juniors and pictures)

Results of the Ceol Mor at the National Mod piping being held today in Glasgow. Twenty entered in the seniors. Own choice.

1st – John Dew (pictured above with the ceol mor trophy), ‘Marquis of Argyle’s Salute’
2nd – Angus MacPhee, ‘The Blind Piper’s Obstinacy’
3rd – Darach Urquhart, ‘The Earl of Ross’s March’

MSR: 1 Finlay Cameron 2 Steven Leask 3 Angus MacPhee

H&J: 1 Archie Drennan 2 Finlay Cameron 3 Steven Leask

Judges: I MacFadyen, J Wilson

Senior MSR winner Finlay Cameron with his trophy

Chanter – March
1 Maili MacLennan
2 Seonaidh Forrest
3 Domnhall Eachann MacLean

Chanter – Slow Air
1 Craig MacNeil
2 Cameron Smith
3 Domnhall Eachann MacLean
Chanter judges: S Cameron, A Murray

Novice March
1 Archie Johnston
2 Euan McCartan
3 Charles MacLennan

U16 Piob
1 Dugald MacKechnie
2 Ruaraidh Drennan
3 Murray O’May

U16 March
1 Bobby Allen
2 Eala Naimh McElhinny
3 Calum Dunbar

John Dew and Bobby Allen, Senior and Junior Champions

U16 S&R
1 Bobby Allen
2 Calum Dunbar
3 Laura Robertson

Novice & U16 March and S&R judge: A Maclean

U16 Jig
1 Bobby Allen
2 Eosaph Galbraith
3 Eala Naimh McElhinny
Judge: W Morrison

15 & Under March
1 Aaron Ingram
2 Archie Johnston
3 James Simpson

16-18 Piob
1 Eilidh Morah Nic a’ Phi
2 Luke Kennedy
3 Milly Fox

16-18 MSR
1 Luke Kennedy
2 Innes Scullion
3 Milly Fox

16-18 H&J
1 Innes Scullion
2 Luke Kennedy
3 Tómas Young

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