United States: Balmoral Classic Entries Open

The Balmoral School of Piping & Drumming have sent this….

The school invites the nation’s best young pipers & drummers to compete in the Balmoral Classic: US Junior Solo Bagpiping & Drumming Championships. Applicants are required to meet strict standards, based on amateur upper grade competitive successes.

Piping judges will be Ian Duncan, Bruce Gandy and Lezlie Webster. Pipers will compete in MSR (march, strathspey, and reel), the traditional bagpipe competition medley, as well as in Pìobaireachd, the classical music of Highland bagpiping. The Overall prize is a combination of scores from Pìobaireachd and MSR. 

Drumming judges will be Gordon Bell and Jon Quigg. Drumming entrants compete in two styles: Hornpipe & Jig and MSR. The Overall prize is a combination of Hornpipe & Jig and MSR scores. To attract more young drummers to the pipe band world, the Classic will also include a contest for Novice Drummers. 

Last year’s Balmoral Classic winner, Charles Morris

Apply by October 15 at:

(Pipers) https://balmoralschoolofpiping.org/balmoral-classic-2018-bagpiping-application/

(Drummers) https://balmoralschoolofpiping.org/balmoral-classic-2018-drumming-application/

(Novice drums) https://balmoralschoolofpiping.org/classic-2018-novice-drumming-application/

‘Balmoral Classic is celebrating its 13th annual Junior Solo US Bagpiping & Drumming Championships, followed by an evening concert with the award-winning ensemble, Eabhal, direct from Scotland,’ says the Balmoral’s director, George Balderose. 

Events include a Friday night celebration with entertainment and hors d’oeuvres, piping and drumming competitions on Saturday from 9:00am to 5:00pm, a Celtic music concert featuring Eabhal at 8:00pm on Saturday night, and a free Piobaireachd workshop with Pipe Major Ian Duncan on Sunday morning, open to all pipers.

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