Argyllshire Gathering 2019 Day 2 – Complete Ceol Beag Results plus Pictures

Proudly sporting their medals at the games are Ben McClamrock, USA, and Andrew Hayes, Ontario, Canada

Day Two at the Argyllshire Gathering saw the bulk of the ceol beag events taking place in a field adjacent to Mossfield Park, Oban, writes the Editor. Away from loudspeakers and starting guns, the new arrangement seemed to meet with approval from the competing pipers though there was a distinct lack of atmosphere on the main games field as a result.

Provided there was no public address nearby, could a couple of the boards not be returned to the main field in front of the members’ enclosure? I don’t think it politic for many of the individuals who financially support the competitions to be physically divorced from the music even if they only listen in a detached way.

Thirty or so pipers turned out for the march to the games, a shade disappointing especially given that there were few youngsters from the intermediate level present. Well done to all those who made the effort to support the winner of the Gold Medal Andrew Hayes, Ontario.

Once on the games field the presentation of various medals and awards were held before the competitions began. Light showers prevailed throughout the day but judges reported a very high standard in all categories despite the damp.

Gordon McCready with the Royal Scottish Pipers’ Society Silver Star for Former Winner’s MSR. This, plus his prizes in the ‘A’ Strathspey and Reel and Jig, made Gordon the most successful ceol beag piper at the 2019 AG

Results from the second day at Oban:

‘A’ March Final
1 Sarah Muir
2 Gordon Bruce
3 Alan Bevan
4 James MacKenzie
5 Angus J MacColl
6 Calum Brown
Judges:  C Armstrong, M McRae, W Morrison
Pipers played two marches from six; no short leet. Forty-two pipers competed in the ‘A’ grade light music.

The smooth running of the piping events at the games was greatly helped by four pipers from the Army who kindly agreed to undertake stewarding duties for the Gathering. Readers will recognise Norman Gillies third from left, son of the late P/M Alasdair Gillies former AG Champion Piper

‘A’ S&R Final
1 Fred Morrison
2 Sean McKeown
3 Iain Speirs
4 Gordon McCready
5 Calum Watson
6 Alan Bevan
Judges: W Cowan, M Grey, W Livingstone
Judges reported an outstanding performance from the winner who gave a tour de force of Cameronian Rant and Charlie’s Welcome in far from ideal conditions.

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1 Steven Leask
2 Finlay Cameron
3 Gordon McCready
4 Callum Beaumont
5 Ian K MacDonald
Judges: M Henderson, S Samson

‘B’ March
1 Cameron McDougall
2 Jonathan Simpson
3 Matt Wilson
4 Andrew Donlan
5 Ross Miller
Judges: A Forbes, B Donaldson, J Wilson

Argyllshire Gathering ‘B’ Grade Champion Jonathan Simpson receives the Angus Nicol Memorial Cuaich and £100 from Assistant Piping Steward Jamie Mellor

‘B’ S&R
1 Greig Canning
2 Calum Moffat
3 Jonathan Simpson
4 Sandy Cameron
5 Jacob Dicker
Judges: B Hitchings, R MacShannon, J Taylor
Thirty-two pipers competed in the ‘B’ grade light music.

Ross Conner receives the P/M RG Hardie Memorial Trophy from AG Piping Steward Torquil Telfer

Intermediate MSR for the P/M RG Hardie Memorial Trophy
1 Ross Conner
2 Brodie Watson-Massey
3 Campbell Wilson
4 Ruaridh Brown
5 Christopher Happs
Judges: A Frater, R Worrall
Twenty five played in this competition for the P/M RG Hardie Memorial Trophy.

Ruaridh Brown, Dunblane, winner of the Angus Nicol Memorial Silver Medal for Intermediate Piping Champion

Local March
1 Gregor MacDonald
2 Aaron Hussein
3 Ross Conner
4 Emma Hill
5 Callum Girvan
Judges: P Henderson, W Wotherspoon

Local S&R
1 Aaron Hussein
2 Gregor MacDonald
3 Ross Conner
4 Emma Hill
5 Calum Garvan
Judges: P Henderson, W Wotherspoon

Winner Archie Johnston receives the Duke of Argyll’s Medal

Junior U-18 Argyll MSR for the Duke of Argyll’s Medal
1 Archie Johnston
2 Christopher McCartan
3 Logie Johnston
4 Callan McGuigan
Judges: P Henderson, W Wotherspoon

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  1. Lovely to hear John Morrisson of Assynt House played on the march as well as Crossing the Minch
    Thanks for postings of the videos.

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