Grade 2 Results – ‘World Amateur Solo Piping Competition’ 2019

By Margaret Dunn

Overall Winner of Grade 2 – ‘World Solo Amateur Piping Competition’ at Piping Live! was Anne Gallo (USA) pictured here with  judge Donald MacPhee. Tomorrow is Grade 1, starting at 9am sharp. Judges Dr Jack Taylor and Sarah Muir. 

Full Results:

1st Dugald MacLeod
2nd Sultan Al Rawahi
3rd Anne Gallo

2/4 March 
1st Dugald MacLeod
2nd Anne Gallo
3rd Douglas Hamilton

Strathspey & Reel
1st Anne Gallo
2nd David Livingstone
3rd Douglas Hamilton

1st Dugald MacLeod
2nd David Livingstone
3rd Douglas Maxwell

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