Nethybridge Games Results

Champion Piper James Feeney, New York, on the boards at Nethybridge

Considering the downpours in other parts of the country and the geographical location of Nethy Bridge in the shadow of the Cairngorm Mountains, the weather was surprisingly good. The clouds gathered however but that did not put people off attending and there was a good crowd.

Nine played in the ceol mor and 10 in the ceol beag.

1 Anna Kummerlöw, Too long in this Condition (Donald Macdonald setting.)
2 James Feeney, The Battle of Waternish
3 Gordon Barclay, MacCrimmon’s Sweetheart
4 Zephan Knickel, MacKays’ Banner
5 Angus MacPhee, Battle of Auldearn No 1
6 Ed McIlwaine, King’s Taxes 

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1 Anna Kummerlöw
2 James Feeney
3 John Angus Smith
4  Zephan Knickel

Triple prizewinner Zephan Knickel

Strathspey and Reel
1 James Feeney
2 John Angus Smith
3 Anna Kummerlöw
4 Zephan Knickel

Jig winner Robert Gibb

1 Robert Gibb
2 John Angus Smith
3 James Feeney
4 Angus MacPhee

Overall trophy winner: James Feeney

A good audience at Nethy

Judges: Mr Norman Matheson and Duncan Watson. The photographs were taken at the games by Duncan Watson.

Juniors, 16 competitors in MSR and 10 in Jig:

U18 March
1 Kyle Cameron, Rosemarkie
2 Laura Robertson, Fort William
3 Emily Feeney, USA
4 Andrew Orr, Fort William

U18 S&R
1 Kyle Cameron
2 Emily Fenney
3 Laura Robertson
4 Calum Robertson

U18 Jig
1 Kyle Cameron
2 Laura Robertson
3 Tom Spencer
4 Andrew Orr

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