Mallaig & Morar Games Full Results

A lovely dry, warm day on the west coast. Six played in the Juniors and seven in the Seniors. Pictured above are junior winners Andrew Orr and Laura Robertson. Piping sponsor: Mallaig Harbour Authority.

Senior Piob:
1 Sandy Cameron
2 William Rowe, NZ
3 Archie Drennan
4 Mark MacKenzie, Australia
John Gillies, Bourblach, Memorial Cup: Sandy Cameron

Senior March
1 Archie Drennan
2 James Feeney, Connecticut, USA
3 Sandy Cameron
4 William Rowe

Senior Strathspey & Reel
1 Archie Drennan
2 Sandy Cameron
3 William Rowe
4 James Fenney

Senior H&J
1 Sandy Cameron
2 Archie Drennan
3 Robert Gibb
4 James Feeney

Champion Piper: Archie Drennan

Junior March
1 Andrew Orr
2 Ruaridh Drennan
3 Laura Robertson
4 Ronnie McIntosh

Junior Strathspey & Reel
1 Laura Robertson
2 Andrew Orr
3 Ronnie McIntosh
4 Emily Feeney

Judges: I MacFadyen, A Maclean

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