Ohio Scottish Games Results

We are grateful to Craig Munro of Wallace Bagpipes for forwarding these results from this EUSPBA sanctioned contest in the US. The picture above is of the Open winners at Ohio: Craig Munro, Nick Hudson and Laureano Thomas-Sanchez

Open Piob
1 Nick Hudson
2 Alistair Murray
3 Laureano Thomas-Sanchez
4 Sean Patrick Regan
5 Alistair Murray
Judge: C MacDonald

Open MSR
1 Craig Munro
2 Nick Hudson
3 Laureano Thomas-Sanchez
4 Dan Lyden
5 Alastair Murray
Judge: S MacNeill

Open H&J
1 Laureano Thomas-Sanchez
2 Nick Hudson
3 Dan Lyden
4 Craig Munro
5 Alistair Murray
Judge: C Abercrombie

Some other results:

G4 Jnr 2/4 March
1 Reece Calovini
2 Riley Miracle
3 Stevie Hyde
Judge: S MacNeil

G4 Jnr S&R
1 Riley Miracle
2 Ray Cal
3 Reece Calovini
Judge: J Dillahey

Novice Practice Chanter
1 Aidan Tolliver
2 Jacquelyn Ellsworth
Judge: C Abercrombie

G5 2-part March
1 Daniel Reece
2 Samuel Cappiello
3 Milan Gilmore
Judge: J Dillahey

G4 Snr. 2/4 March
1 John Harriman
2 George Smith
3 Glenna Van Dyke
Judge: D Hall

G4 Snr. 6/8 March
1 Ethan Manley
2 Glenna Van Dyke
3 John Harriman
Judge: B Conway

G5 Snr Piob
1 Daniel Reese
2 Meghan McElhinney
3 Paul Harrison
Judge: N Hudson

G4 Jnr Piob
1 Reece Calovini
2 Ray Cal
3 Riley Miracle
Judge: D Lyden

G1 Snr Piob
1 Kevin Darmadi
2 Michael Trenor
3 Joseph Horwath
Judge: D Lyden

G2 Medley: Great Lakes; G2 MSR: Great Lakes; Best drums and did section: Great Lakes

G3 MSR: North Coast, 2 Buffalo Bagpipe Band; Best drums: Buffalo; Best Mid Section: North Coast

G4 Medley: 1 87th Cleveland, 2 North Coast, 3 Louisville, 4 Michigan Scottish
Best drums and mid section: 87th Cleveland

G5 Quick March Set: 1 Michigan Scottish 2 Cincinnati Caledonian 3 Balmoral P&D 4 87th Cleveland; Best drums and mid section: 87th Cleveland

  • Check here for more results later.
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