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Welcome back everyone and a Happy New Year. Scotland still sleeps/celebrates but we appreciate the rest of the world is back out there earning a living and requires the daily PP fix to relieve the ennui…

A good call in our comments section regarding HLI tunes and Robert Reid’s book ‘The Piper’s Delight’.

It is a smashing wee publication but is probably out of print, though I notice a copy for sale on Ebay. It was a staple of all Glasgow pipers of my generation.

Reid was revered in the city as few others and I remember being in the BB band hall a few days after Cowal in 1964, or was it ’65?, when someone came in and announced ‘Bobby Reid is deid’ – rhyming unintended.

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Reid was indeed a giant of piping and will rank along with Willie Fergusson as the HLI’s finest pipe major. 

Here is Bobby playing, firstly When the Battle’s O’er – a fitting tune given the recent WW1 commemorations – and then we have him playing My Home and Highland Wedding in his own, at one time popular, setting with the characteristic birl up from low A to high:

Reid’s pupil Bob Hardie favoured this style but, probably aware that it was frowned on by the Willie Ross devotee, never taught it either in solo or band.

Reid plays the slow air and the retreat with a strict military affectation which, in these two examples, does not bring the out the best in the melody.

Jason Briscoe has been in touch re his very successful High Note project: ‘Quick update on The High Note – after an incredible 65 pipe band nominations, we’ve selected six bands that we feel have the most potential in 2019. 

‘Instead of us selecting the winning band, we want the pipe band community to have their say and help us select the winner.

‘Now for the final push – we’ll announce voting January 1st with the winning band awarded January 7th. You’ll be able to vote using this link.

‘We’ve had a great response thus far and I’m personally really looking forward to an exciting and impactful year ahead. Very much appreciate your support and the word you helped spread on Piping Press.’

Patrick Molard in Brittany: ‘Hello friends, any idea of who plays the pipes (Bells of Perth, In Praise of Morag) in the series ‘Outlander’ on Netflix? Great series.’

These were both tunes recorded by R Reid. Couldn’t be him could it? Anyone any ideas?

Has anyone else spotted this restaurant in Edinburgh?

MacStig mentioned the WSD qualification in his piece on Monday. Here is the official announcement by the RSPBA:

Please note that the four RSPBA Branch events for pre qualification of the 2019 World Solo Drumming are as follows:

06th April 2019 – Livingston – Lothian and Borders Branch
13th April 2019 – Kingdom Thistle – Dundee, Perth and Angus Branch
13th April 2019 – Location TBC – Northern Ireland Branch
27th April 2019 – Coatbridge – Glasgow and West of Scotland Branch

The requirements are 2 X March, Strathspey and Reels with a minimum of 4 parts and it will be drawn on the line. The first four places in each event will pre-qualify.

Please look to local branch websites and social media or your band secretary for more information.

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