Nethybridge Games Results

A good day of piping in the picturesque village with the Cairngorm Mountains as a backdrop. It was dry but grew colder later on in the day.

1. Edward McIlwaine, The King’s Taxes
2. Alan Clark, MacCrimmon’s  Sweetheart
3. Gordon Barclay, The Piper’s Warning to his Master
4. John McDonald, Too Long in This Condition (Angus MacKay)
5. John Angus Smith, The Red Hand in MacDonald’s Arms
6. James MacPhee, Glengarry’s March

Ceol mor champion Ed McIlwaine from British Columbia, Canada

1. Alan Clark
2. John McDonald
3. James MacPhee
4. Kevin MacLean

Strathspey and Reel
1. Alan Clark
2. John McDonald
3. John Angus Smith
4. Kevin MacLean

1. John Angus Smith
2. John McDonald
3. Alan Clark
4. Kevin MacLean

All of the events were judged by G Brown and D Watson

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