Mallaig and Morar Games Results (updated)

A healthy list at this games with James Mackenzie continuing his run of success. Pictured above is Rebecca Capon from Queensland, Australia, who won first place in the U-18 Strathspey & Reel.

1 Calum Watson
2 James Mackenzie
3 Andrew Ferguson
4 Finlay Cameron

1 Jonathan Simpson
2 Calum Watson
3 John Angus Smith
4 James Mackenzie

1 James Mackenzie
2 Calum Watson
3 Finlay Cameron
4 John Angus Smith

1 Jonathan Simpson
2 John Angus Smith
3 Finlay Cameron
4 James Duncan Mackenzie

Judges: A Maclean (Piob.), I MacFadyen (ceol beag).

18 & Under March
1st Laura Robertson, Fort William
2nd David Brannen, Inveraray
3rd Andrew Orr, Fort William

18 & Under Strathspey & Reel
1st Rebecca Capon, Australia
2nd Laura Robertson, Fort William
3rd Ronnie McIntosh, Fort William

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