Letters: Highland Division in North Africa etc

Four new letters published this morning. They include this very interesting poster from reader Maurie de Hayr in Australia:

North africa poster

We’d be interested to know if anyone can identify the pipers on parade, and there may even be someone out there whose father or grandfather or other relative played with the Highland Division in North Africa. Please contact us if you have any information or other photographs.
The three other letters concern 2/4 march playing, Douglas Elmslie and  tune identification. Read them all here.[wds id=”2″]

3 thoughts on “Letters: Highland Division in North Africa etc

  1. would think Cherry Anderson would be in there somewhere…still dodging about ,saw him last week….he would be able to answer ,what we want to know..

  2. I wonder – with no real evidence, mind – if this is the band Hamish Henderson put together after the landings at Anzio for propaganda purposes. He begged, borrowed and stole pipers and drummers to create his own (quite large) band of occasionals, which would explain the various uniforms and the size of the band. Details are in Timothy Neat’s first volume of Henderson’s biography, which is currently at the bottom of a very large pile, so I can’t check, sorry.

    1. Yes, it is on my list of must-reads too Timothy. You make a very interestimg connection which maybe someone else can help with. It could
      perhaps lead us to some important background to the song ‘Banks of Sicily’ and Hamish’s other work.RW

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