New Book, New History

Two items added  today. Firstly this press release about a new book from the Canadian Prairies. A very worthwhile project to support you will agree (see Letters) with a formidable list of contributors.
Winnipeg Collection - coverPress Release: ‘The Winnipeg Collection is a full colour, 72-page book of pipe music compiled by Nathan Mitchell.  The book includes 68 tunes submitted by 29 composers from seven different countries (Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Spain).

‘The book includes a biography and colour photo of each composer.  A number of the compositions also include the unique feature of having a colour photo or a detailed description of the composition’s title on the same page as the tune itself.

‘The list of musicians who contributed to this project are: Nathan Mitchell, Josh McFarlane, Ryan Canning, Alistair McLaren, Rod Christie, Raul Peinado, Chris Cloete, Alex Rasmussen, Ken Eller, Graham Schmidt, Robert Fraser, Stewart Smith, Michael Grey, Sean Somers, Lincoln Hilton, P/M Neil Sutherland, Alex Hoplock, Gord Taylor, Ian Juurlink, Scott Wallace, John Lee Scott Walmer, Ian Lyons, Kyle Warren, Iain MacDonald,  Davey Welsh, Matt MacIsaac, Bob Worrall, P/M Hugh Macpherson.

‘All proceeds from the project will be directed towards the Canadian Mental Health Association – Winnipeg Branch. Many of the contributors on the list above have a strong connection to the city of Winnipeg, MB, Canada and were delighted to know that the proceeds from the book would help benefit that community.

‘On a personal note, I have been writing bagpipe music since age sixteen and it has always been a dream of mine to publish a book of music which showcases the composing talent of Winnipeg alongside the best in the world.

‘Copies of the book are only $20 CDN, and can be shipped globally for only $3.99 CDN from this website: . Thank you for taking the time to learn about the Winnipeg Collection and I hope you enjoy the tunes!’

P/M Alex M. MacIver
P/M Alex M. MacIver

Also added today, to our History pages, is a study by Hector Russell of the late P/M Alex MacIver and his contribution to piping and to the pipe band movement in particular. Dozens of pipers and drummers passed through P/M MacIver’s hands at the 214th Glasgow Company of the Boys Brigade based at Whiteinch, Glasgow, many of them going on to join Grade 1 bands or to develop successful solo careers. Read more here and here.