New England Pipe & Drum Academy

The New England Pipe & Drum Academy is held early summer. It is open to everyone irrespective of age or ability. World class instruction is provided at a very reasonable cost. The Academy is based at the Adelynrood Retreat at Byfield north of Boston in the Massachussets woodland. 

The retreat is renowned for its cuisine and tranquil atmosphere and welcome. Students are encouraged to work hard during the camp but enjoyment is the central theme of each day. This begins at 8am with breakfast and then a short Assembly at which we discuss the day’s events. Classes run until noon with breaks for coffee etc.

NEPADA instructors Matt Pantaleoni, Tommy Johnston and Robert Wallace

Plenty of time is given for practice and students are advised to make the most of this time. Classes resume again at 1.30 and run with breaks until 4pm when there is a band practice involving everyone coming together for a few tunes.

Also in the afternoon will be a piobaireachd class for those who wish to study the classical music of the pipes. Overall the teaching curriculum to be followed will be that outlined in Bagpipe Tutor Books 1 -3. These are available for sale at the camp.

The Academy offers its own piping and drumming certificates and also PDQB certificates for those who wish to apply. Here’s what the handsome NEPADA certificates look like:NEPADA-Grade-1-Piping


Instructor Matt Pantaleoni entertains the class

Go to the official NEPADA website here to register. Keep in touch via Facebook.