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Official 2017 leaflet:

Principal Robert Wallace writes: 2016 was a fantastic week of learning and friendship. The weather was excellent, not too hot, the food par excellence, and the students worked ever so hard. All this study came t the fore at the closing concert where each class demonstrated tunes they had learned during the camp. Particularly impressive were Liam, Nathan and Nicole who played Major Manson at Clachantrushal, Dornie Ferry and Lachlan MacPhail of Tiree from memory after only four days.

I played a tune for one of the ladies of the order – Road to the Isles – a favourite of her late husband and also the Adelynrood Grace with Tom on organ. His wife, Cricket Cooper (our registrar), won the Most Promising Student award and the equivalent for the drummers went to Pat Edwards.

The piobaireachd class made a good job of the Wee Spree singing and playing the ground.

The piobaire
The piobaireachd class get down to work on the Wee Spree

I would like to thank the instructors Matt Pantaleoni, Andrew Adams and Donald McBride for their hard work and also our organising committee of Cricket, Bruce Beavis and Bruce Landay for making all the arrangements and ensuring the camp ran smoothly from start to finish.

I  must also thank our sponsors Shepherd Bagpipes, Pipe Dreams and Chris Apps Reeds. Their products were all gratefully received and benefited the school no end.

Check the leaflet for next year’s dates.

All levels of ability are welcome at the NEPADA camp which for the first time this year will feature side and tenor drumming classes as well as piping.

Students are encouraged to work hard during the camp but enjoyment is the central theme of each day. This begins at 8am with breakfast and then a short Assembly at which we discuss the day’s events. Classes run until noon with breaks for coffee etc.

Plenty of time is given for practice and students are advised to make the most of this time. Classes resume again at 1.30 and run with breaks until 4pm when there is a band practice involving everyone coming together for a few tunes.

Also in the afternoon will be a piobaireachd class for those who wish to study the classical music of the pipes. Overall the teaching curriculum to be followed will be that outlined in Principal Robert Wallace’s Bagpipe Tutor Books 1 -3. These are available for sale at the camp.

The Academy offers its own piping certificates Grades 1 – 6 and also PDQB certificates for those who wish to apply. Here’s what the handsome cetificates look like:NEPADA-Grade-1-Piping

Evenings at the camp are one of our highlights with a lecture/ recital and then piping and drumming ceilidh – and maybe even some Scottish country dancing!

The food at Adelynrood is superb as is the quality accommodation. It all makes for the perfect learning environment within which to improve your piping and drumming skills.

Instructor Matt entertains the class

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