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Something to sell? Pipes, chanters, uniforms? Searching for that old copy of a magazine or a fancy dirk? Well, the place to fulfil your every piping or drumming wish is here at PP Online Ads. For only £25 (£20 non-tax) you can place an advertisement in the web magazine that will reach thousands of potential customers. Include photographs at no extra charge. Buy your ad here then email your content to pipingpress@gmail.com. Ads will remain in situ for a minimum of one month.

Set of Gillanders and McLeod Pipes for Sale

Seller Hugh Bevan writes: ‘My Gillanders and McLeod pipes are for sale. They are blackwood pipes with ivory mounts and nickel ferrules and are in very good condition.

‘They were professionally refurbished at the beginning of this year. The refurbishment report is available here

‘Price: £1,850 ono. Please contact me on:  h.c.bevan@btinternet.com

7 thoughts on “Piping Press Online Advertising Service

    1. I bought them actually and had them directly shipped to New York City with them passing customs with ease. Furthermore, I’ve not only travelled internationally with this set but in the past 40 years have done so with past silver and ivory sets and have never been asked or bothered by customs.

      They don’t care.

  1. I have a large collection of CDs,LPs,and tapes for sale .If interested or if you know of someone who may be contact by email or phone 1 519 472 9895. Thanks

    1. Do you have a list of the LPs if still available?
      Basically there are a number of piping LPs/EPs that I would be interested in if you have any. These are:
      Robert Reid – Piobaireachd (2 vols.)
      Pipe Major John Wilson – Visits the British Columbia Pipers’ Association (or “Bagpipe Solos”, which is another version of the same LP) (Canadian LP)
      Muirhead & Sons Ltd Pipe Band – Champions du Monde (French LP)
      Any of the Malcolm Ross Macpherson – Binneas is Boreraig series of LPs.

    1. I believe that is correct. My understanding of the current rules is that worked ivory products transferred from one individual to another in pursuit of financial gain after February 25, 2014 are ineligible for a CITES permit in the United States.

      The result is that while the ivory could otherwise be legal to own (it was taken from the wild and imported into US prior to the enactment of the CITES regulations, or later, in accordance with them), you will not be able to obtain the documentation necessary to establish that.

      In theory, such ivory could be confiscated within the US. Traveling internationally with it or attempting to ship it across the US border would be extremely inadvisable, in my opinion.

  2. Don’t sell these ivory pipes to anyone in the USA or any other country that signed the 2014 ESA outlawing any sale of ivory products it out proper CITES certificate.

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