RSPBA Announce Judges for the 2020 Major Championships

RSPBA Headquarters in Washington Street, Glasgow, have confirmed the judging panels for this year’s five major championships.

Beginning with the Worlds in Glasgow August 14/15 we have for the Friday, Grade 1 Qualifier:

On Saturday the judges for all grades are as follows:


For the first Major of the season, the British at Paisley on May 23 we have:

This information appears courtesy the RSPBA. Adjudicator allocations for all other Majors click here.

List of Major Championships:

Majors 2020:

  • British Championships – 23rd May at Paisley
  • United Kingdom Championships – 13th June at Lurgan
  • European Championships – 27th June at Inverness
  • Scottish Championships – 25th July at Dumbarton
  • World Championships – 14th/15th August at Glasgow
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1 thought on “RSPBA Announce Judges for the 2020 Major Championships

  1. I see from the judges list for the 2020 Worlds Grade 1 competition, the RSPBA have assigned judges for 2 Qualifiers on the Friday. Do they mean qualifiers? or do they mean the 1st day of an “all bands” Grade 1 competition? Personally, I am in favour of an all-inclusive 2 day Grade 1 competition (as in 2019), in which all bands are assessed on 2 MSRs and 2 Medleys. The ultimate winner of a 4 performance assessment, involving 16 judges, is fully worthy of being crowned Grade 1 World Champions!

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