South West Scotland Piping & Drumming Academy Junior Solos

A good entry and a very high standard of play for this competition held today in Lockerbie Academy. P/M Ian McLellan judged all light music and Andrew Frater the piobaireachd. The picture above is of Champion Piper Hazel Whyte, Larkhall.

Class 1 – Under 12 Chanter
1st Place – Lila St John Claire

Class 3 – Under 15 yrs Piping
1st Gregor Grierson
2nd Curran Stainthorpe
3rd Fraser Cruikshank

Class 4 – Under 18 yrs MSR
1st Jack McGowan
2nd Robbie McCutcheon
3rd Hazel Whyte

Class 5 – Under 18 yrs Hornpipe & Jig
1st Hazel Whyte
2nd Jack McGowan
3rd Gregor Grierson

Class 6 – Piobaireachd
1st Hazel Whyte, The Groat
2nd Robbie McCutcheon
3rd Jack McGowan

Class 8 – Under 18 Snare
1st Robbie Pate
2nd Bronagh Gibb
3rd Ben Pool

Class 9 – Under 18 Tenor
1st Jill Watson
2nd Kali Currie
3rd Rowan Hastie

Overall – Hazel Whyte

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