Ballater Games Results

Bright day on Deeside and a healthy entry – 16 played. The standard was reportedly very good particularly in the piobaireachd. Champion Piper was Allan Russell, Kelty (pictured).

1 Allan Russell, The Vaunting
2 Greig Canning, Marquis of Argyll’s Salute
3 Anna Kummerlöw, Tulloch Ard
4 Jonathon Simpson, Lament for the Viscount of Dundee
5 James Feeny, Rory MacLoude’s Lament
6 Calum Brown, MacKay’s Banner

1 Calum Brown
2 Allan Russell
3 Gordon McCready
4 Greig Canning
5 Jonathon Simpson
6 George Taylor

1 Allan Russell
2 Calum Brown
3 Gordon McCready
4 Jonathon Simpson
5 Greig Canning
6 Anna Kummerlöw

Judges: J Hamilton, J Taylor (ceol beag), R Clark, N Matheson, D Watson (ceol mor).

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