Lochearnhead Games Results

Heavy rain in the morning cleared eventually. Eight pipers competed.

Piob for the Royal Scottish Pipers' Society Bronze Star
1 Calum Wynd, MacDougall's Gathering
2 William Geddes, Park Piob. No2
3 Edward McIllwaine, MacDougall's Gath.
4 Darach Urquhart, Lament for DONALD Diaghilev MacKay
Judges: A Forbes, M McRae

1 William Geddes
2 Darach Urquhart
3 John Dew
4 Calum Wynd
Judges: J Banks, G Lumsden

1 John Dew
2 Calum Wynd
3 Darach Urquhart
4 William Geddes
Judges: A Frater, A Wright

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