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Heading home now after five solid days of teaching in Florida. Think we progressed the cause of piping and drumming another few notches. Good crowd at the closing concert and everyone looking forward to next year when we plan to incorporate a band and solo contest into the Academy’s roster.

In order to maintain a high teacher/ student ratio we capped the numbers at just over 40 this year but I think there is room to expand by bringing in another instructor or two. The picture above was taken on parade day at Mizner Park in downtown Boca Raton with students sporting the new Academy t-shirt.

Our students awards were as follows:
Most promising piper (sponsored by D Naill & Co and Pipe Dreams): John Vought; Runner-up: Garrett Pingol
Most promising snare drummer (sponsored by Jim Kilpatrick Percussion): Kevin Hernandez; Runner-up: Gary Keitel;
Most promising tenor/ bass (sponsored by TyFry): Stephanie Pingol; Runner-up: Shawn Levine

Re the recent 277 picture, Dougie Warnock has sent this: ‘Hi Robert,
I posted a comment on 11 Feb naming nearly everyone in the pic as I don’t seem to be able to post a reply. All attempts to subscribe seem to vanish into the ether. Anyway my name is as below, not McCracken as Stuart Coils has it. He should know better, him a polis an’ all. I’d tell him myself but I don’t see him all that often. Alec Price, for someone else who asked, is standing behind the bass drum not Alex Campbell as I had it. The other unknown in front row, I think his first name was Ernie. Someone else may remember. Halcyon days they were then.’

Can’t understand why you can’t subscribe Dougie. Everything seems to be working fine this end. Thanks for the info.

Talking of picture IDs, this one was doing the rounds on Facebook. Can anyone name the individuals? I spotted Robert Mathieson at the back as a young boy and Jennifer Hutcheon and Anne Stewart (Spalding) in front on the left. What was the contest and when?

Tommy Bingham has asked that we include this in our Guide to  the Games:
Ardrossan Highland Games
Sunday 11th June 2017.
Memorial Rugby Park.
Pipe Band Competitions Grades 2,3,4 N/J
Juvenile Solo Piping; Heavies.

The RSPBA Summer School 2017 runs from Monday 31st July until to Friday 4th August in the Glasgow Gaelic School. Quality tuition for pipers drummers and drum majors. Contact Pat Whelan, Association Education Officer here.

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  1. scratching the head slightly, but Alison Hutcheon (now Gilroy) is next to Anne Stewart/ Spalding with Margaret Stewart(??) to the RHS, and David Barnes to the back right??

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