College of Piping Resignation/ SPA Trophies

Another director of the Glasgow-based College of Piping has resigned. Alan McGhie, Finance Director and current Secretary of the Royal Scottish Pipers’ Society, left three weeks ago.

His departure follows that of two other directors, Lord Martin of Springburn and P/M Barry Donaldson. Their resignations came last August either side of that of the then Principal Robert Wallace.  New directors have been added to the College of Piping board to replace the departed individuals. They are Mr Alan McGeachy, former bass drummer with the Strathclyde Police Pipe Band, and a Mr Keith Marshall who runs a wedding day piping company.

Mr Dugald MacNeill (85) continues as Chairman of the College of Piping.

A new letter re the missing Scottish Pipers Association trophies has been added to our Letters column.