PP Audio Archive: Pipe Band Recordings

Here we have our archive recordings relevant to pipe bands. If you have any recordings you think may be suitable for inclusion here please email pipingpress@gmail.com.


Cowal Games 1970 featuring Alex Duthart and his drum corps:

Toyota Pipes & Drums from 1981:

The 1956 World Champions, Muirhead & Sons:

The iconic Shotts Drum Corps under L/D Alex Duthart from 1959:

Solo drumming from Jimmy Catherwood from 1949:

The Clan MacRae Society Pipe Band recorded by the BBC in 1948. They were one of the top bands of their era, winning the World Championship title on eight occasions the last in 1953 under P/M Alex Macleod. Here is clear evidence of how pipe bands have moved on in the intervening 70 years or so, but remember drummers were often required to play in another room from the pipers when making these recordings and this will have been the main reason why both sections of the band seem detached at times:

Probably the first ever recording made by a pipe band: it’s the early 1900s and Govan Police play a march, strathspey and reel live onto an old wax cylinder. Unique archive material courtesy the Glasgow Police Museum:

Here are three historic recordings of the legendary Muirhead & Sons pipe band all recorded in Toronto, Canada, during the week of the Canadian National Exhibition in the 1970s. The first is of the band practising their MSR in the grounds of York University. The tunes are Highland Wedding, Bogan Lochan and John MacKechnie. The second has them running through their medley at the same venue, and the third is the actual performance in 1975 in the CNE Stadium during the competition that was run in tandem with the Tattoo. 1975 was an important year for the band as they were runners-up in the World Championship at Corby. The recording quality in all three tracks is variable, but it is possible to get a sense of the superb technique and phrasing the band portrayed under the expert guidance of P/M RG Hardie and L/D Robert Turner:

We launched this page with a recording of World Solo Drumming Champion Steven McWhirter winning the Adult title in Glasgow in October 2014. In this March, Strathspey & Reel, Steven is accompanied by his pipe major, Stuart Liddell of Inveraray & District Pipe Band:

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  1. That first clip of Highland Wedding was 1978. Second one could’ve been 1975 or 77. And the last one was 1975.

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