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Bagpipe Tutor 1 is a concise, yet comprehensive, bagpipe tutor which makes full use of the internet as an illustrative medium, writes author Robert Wallace.

It articulates the knowledge and teaching experience I have gained over the last 40 years. That knowledge and experience has been distilled into 20 lessons over 24 pages.

Each of the lessons progresses the student from the basics such as how to place the fingers on the chanter, through all the various movements required to play accurately all ceol beag technique  (marches, strathspeys, reels, jigs, hornpipes, slow airs) plus the five tunes the book features.

These begin with Amazing Grace, a tune that may be within reach of many students after about six weeks of application and practice. The videos which accompany the book are in high-definition and can be accessed or downloaded free of charge using the link above.

If there is no video for a particular lesson, or part of lesson, then there will be an audio illustration. These can be found by clicking the link above. Open up the Tutor Book 1 playlist and select the lesson you want.

If you don’t already have the Tutor Book 1 you can buy it here:

Before starting the student must have what is called a practice chanter, the small instrument that we begin learning the bagpipe on. It can be ordered here:

Video and/or Audio from Bagpipe Tutor Book 2 is available here.
Video and/or Audio from Bagpipe Tutor Book 3is available here.