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Bagpipe Tutor 3 by Robert Wallace is a concise, yet comprehensive, introduction to piobaireachd or ceol mor, the classical music of the great Highland bagpipe.

As with Tutor Book 1 and Tutor Book 2 the author articulates the knowledge and teaching experience gained over the last 40 years. That knowledge and experience has been distilled into 20 lessons over 24 pages.

Robert Wallace is an acknowledged expert on ceol mor and has won most of the major titles associated with this music. His pupils have succeeded at every level from junior to Gold Medal.

Each of the lessons in Book 3 teaches the student the basic piobaireachd movements and then places these movements into context by introducing a new tune. Four are covered in the book: the Wee Spree, Clan Campbell’s Gathering, the Boat Tune and Duncan MacRae of Kintail’s Lament

On completion of the 20 lessons the student will know all the required technique for this music and by following the audio and video should be able to play them with a good degree of musical proficiency.

The videos are in high-definition and can be accessed or downloaded free of charge using the link above. If there is no video for a particular lesson, or part of lesson, then there will be an audio illustration. These too can be found by clicking the link above. Open up the Tutor Book 3 playlist and select the lesson you want.

The full list of Tutor Book 3 multimedia is as follows:

Lesson 1         – video
Lesson 2         – audio
Lesson 3         – audio
Lesson 4         – audio
Lesson 5         – audio
Lesson 6         – audio
Lesson 7         – audio
Lesson 8         – audio
Lesson 9         – audio
Lesson 12      – audio
Lesson 13      – audio
Lesson 14      – audio
Lesson 15      – audio
Lesson 16      – audio
Lesson 17      – audio
Lesson 18      – video & audio
Lesson 19      – audio
Lesson 20      – video

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