Reay Mackay

Sandy Jones has circulated this sad news about the passing of Canadian piper and adjudicator Reay MacKay: 
I am sorry to inform everybody that we just received a telephone call from Joan Mackay informing us that Reay passed away this past Tuesday evening just prior to supper. According to Joan, he passed away peacefully lying in his bed from a heart attack. His doctor told Joan there was also complication with his diabetes.

How sad! Reay was one of the great pipers, judges and composers in North America. He also loved to play his accordion with others musicians at ceilidhs, tartan balls and other gatherings.

Needless to say, we will all miss our friend Reay and may he rest in peace. Pleas keep Joan, his daughters and their families in your thoughts and prayers.

Sandy Jones

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  1. Visit 48th Pipes and Drums Association Face Book site for some pictures of Reay at various venues over the years. There are many more accolades about Reay on other social sites. He will be missed–BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN in the piping and pipe band world on any continent. Personally, I learned the pipes from Reay when we were grade 9 students,1953, at Oakwood CI, Toronto, and I continued on to play with the 48th P&D for 30 years along with Reay as he moved on to be PM 1975 to 1985.

    Peter K. MacLeod, 48th Pipes and Drums Association, Toronto

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