New Tutor Book on Piobaireachd to be Published Next Month

A new tutor book for piobaireachd, the classical music of the bagpipe, will be available from June 1.

‘Bagpipe Tutor 3 – Piobaireachd’ is by PP Editor Robert Wallace and it follows in sequence from his successful Bagpipe Tutor Books 1 & 2.

Like them, the piobaireachd tutor makes full use of multimedia to fully illustrate each lesson. This will be accessible via the internet link at (click on Tuition).

High quality sound and video files will be available free to all purchasers of the book via Sound Cloud:

and Vimeo:

The book consists of 20 concise yet comprehensive lessons, and on completion the student will know all the technique needed for the successful delivery of this music – and four complete tunes. They are the Wee Spree, Clan Campbell’s Gathering, the Boat Tune and Duncan MacRae of Kintail’s Lament.

The book is structured in such a way that each piece of new technique is incorporated in the tune that follows, thus putting the movement, be it a throw to E or F, or perhaps the crunluath, into its relevant musical context.

There is also a short introduction to canntaireachd (mouth music), plus information on tune construction, pentatonic scales and piping history.

Author Robert Wallace said: ‘There is no great difficulty in learning piobaireachd. Technically it is far easier to play than a 2/4 march.

‘Nor should there ever be any great mystery about timing and expression. By following the simple, straightforward lessons in the book and listening to the audio files the learner will soon get the way of the tunes.

‘There has been a great upsurge in the playing ceol mor in the last few decades but there are still hundreds of pipers for whom it is as mysterious as the dark side of the moon.

Another sample page from the book
A sample page from the book

‘I hope this book will help dispel that mystery and open up a world of wonderful music to pipers who hitherto were frightened off by what may have been seen as this music’s elitist image

‘It is fulfilling music, not over-complicated, and accessible to everyone who can shoulder a bagpipe. All young pipers should play piobaireachd. It teaches them to blow steadily, trains the memory and encourages a control of the fingers not always required in ceol beag.’

Pre-order ‘Bagpipe Tutor 3 – Piobaireachd’ here for a reduced price of only £8 + p&p. (RRP £10). Ordered book will be mailed out on June 1, the official launch date.

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