Uist & Barra Results

There was a packed crowd for the U&B Annual Piping Comnpetition held in the College of Piping, Glasgow. The standard of play was mixed. The Champion Piper was Callum Beaumont, Bo’ness, and he is pictured about receiving the winners’ trophy from the Uist-based follower of piping Catriona Garbutt. 

Ceol Mor
1 Callum Beaumont, Phantom Piper
2 William McCallum, Rout of the Lowland Captain
3 Stuart Liddell, Colin Roy MacKenzie’s Lament
4 Alasdair Henderson, Battle ofWaternish
5 Roderick MacLeod, Old Men of the Shells

1 Finlay Johnston
2 Callum Beaumont
3 William McCallum
4 Stuart Liddell
5 Alasdair Henderson

1 Alasdair Henderson
2 Roderick MacLeod
3 Glenn Brown
4 Gordon McCready
5 Callum Beaumont

Judges: I Duncan, S Shedden, A Wright

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