All-Ireland Solos – Piping & Drumming/ Updated with Pix and Comment

The above pic shows the large crowd at the prize giving in Dublin being addressed by IPBA President Con O’Connaill. It brought to a conclusion a very busy day of piping and drumming held in the Trinity Comprehensive School in the Irish capital.

All-Ireland Champion for 2015, Kris Coyle
All-Ireland Champion Piper for 2015, Kris Coyle

The All-Ireland Solos are run by the Northern Ireland Branch of the RSPBA and the Irish Pipe Band Association. Senior Champion was Kris Coyle of Field Marshal Montgomery. Kris won the Piobaireachd event and also the MSR, the latter on a judge’s preference after a tie on points. Adjudicators described the standard as mixed but with all the prizewinners playing to a high level with good instruments, technique and expression.

Read more detailed comment on the ceol mor below.

U-14 4-part March
1 Emma Livingstone
2 Cian Flanagan
3 Emma Ferguson

U-16 4-part March
1 Ryan Couples Menendez
2 Samantha Coburn
3 Simon Thomson

Junior MSR A
1 Jonathon Simpson
2 Simon Grace
3 Sean Moloney

Junior MSR B
1 John McElmurry
2 Mark Hasson
3 Matthew Moore
Judge: Tim Farrelly

Intermediate Piping MSR
1 Ross Hume
2 Chris Earls
3 James Frazer
Judges: I Duncan, A Ronaldson

Senior Piping MSR
1 Kris Coyle
2 Ashley McMichael
3 Jonathan Lamberton
Judges: I Duncan, A Ronaldson

A Ceol Mor
1 Kris Coyle, Lament for the Viscount of Dundee
2 Ashley McMichael, Lament for Captain MacDougall
3 Peter Donnan, The Groat
Judge: R Wallace

Clear winner in the B Grade events was Boghall's Jonathan Simpson
Clear winner in the B Grade events was Boghall’s Jonathan Simpson

B Ceol Mor
1 Jonathan Simpson, Corrienessan’s Salute
2 Jason McAllister, MacFarlane’s Gathering
3 Paul Brown, Lament for Donald of Laggan
Judge: R Wallace

Robert Wallace writes: Jonathan Simpson was a worthy winner of the B event. He ticked all the boxes: pipe/technique/phrasing and memory. Second was Jason McAllister with MacFarlane’s Gathering. Jason paused too long before the cadences in the T &C and could have been brisker with the doublings. Third was Paul Brown with Lament for Donald of Laggan. Competent piping, but lacking expression in the urlar.
There were a few good tunes spoiled by poor instruments and other blemishes. Among those were the Viscount of Dundee played by Con Houlihan, Beloved Scotland by Colin MacLean, Corrienessan by Sean Moloney and Cameron Hume’s King’s Taxes.

In the A event Kris Coyle was a clear first prize; a near faultless Lament for the Viscount of Dundee on a superb pipe. Second came Ashley McMichael with Captain MacDougall – pipe overbearing and over-cautious here and there with the tune; var 1 doubling not rhythmically sound. Third was Peter Donnan with a bold Groat. A minor skirl almost cost him dear but he had superbly set drones and a confident style with the tune that impressed. Hitting the crossbar were Kevin Rogers who needs to have a close look at the music for Field of Gold – get those gracenotes in the right place Kevin; Alastair Donaghy who played a good Massacre but was too open at the C cut to low A in the ground and had a bad choke and Ben Greaves whose Red Speckled Bull spent ten minutes dozing instead of charging around, pawing and snorting – good pipe and finger.

1 Michael McKenna, SLoT
2 William Glenholmes, Cullybackey
3 Stephen Creighton, SLoT

Senior drumming champion Michael McKenna, SLoT
Senior drumming champion Michael McKenna, SLoT

1 Marcus Wenlock, Cullybackey
2 Nicholas Harvey, RSPBA
3 Blake McVeigh, Inveraray

Junior A
1 Craig Brown, Boghall
2 Matthew Wenlock, Cullybackey
3 Glen Creighton, SLoT

Junior B
1 Craig Lawrie, Lomond and Clyde
2 David Murphy, New Ross
3 Matthew Cole, RSPBA

1 Eoin Rogers, SLoT
2 Richard Black, Tullylaggan
3 John McClean, RSPBA

1 Lee Montgomery, Tamlaght O’Crilly
2 Fionn Murphy, New Ross
3 Daniel Lynn, Cullybackey
Judges: Ciaran Mordaunt, Kohn Moneagle, Ian Lawson