Piping in the ’30s/ New Comments

Our second instalment from the October 1935 ‘Piping and Dancing’ journal makes good reading. We have to admire the genuine journalism that the magazine espoused – straight opinions, well justified. For example, whilst lauding the playing that year, the writers have a go at the town of Inverness for not supporting the Northern Meeting – Oban will take over if they don’t look out. [The above picture is of P/M Robert Reid playing at Oban in the 1930s.]

‘The consensus of opinion of London pipers with experience of Inverness supports this view, but finds it paradoxical that the stage for the finest display of piping in the world should be set in a town which, while it can claim the most brilliant name in modern piping, yet has largely ceased to take a genuine interest in the bagpipes…..’
The writer has a further go at the lack of audience for the Clasp. To paraphrase,  ‘not surprising when you read that the melodeon is the favoured instrument on the Black Isle.’

BB bands are commiserated with over the ever constant need to replenish their ranks as they lose boys after 17, and we read of Army displays of piping and dancing at Glasgow’s Kelvin Hall. Read on.

Interesting new comments on P/M Donald Maclean and P/M Peter Bain.

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