New Lesson on Marches and Tributes for Dougie

Since the advent of the RSPBA’s MAP programme the 2/4 march has come back into the forefront as a staple of pipe band performance – for far too long all we heard in the lower grades were 3/4s and 4/4s. Yet what are the guidelines for playing the much more difficult 2/4? Today the PP Academy explores the genre and offers some ground rules that will guarantee successful presentation of this vital part of the pipe band and soloist’s repertoire. Get the free lesson here. Out of interest we would like to hear from our thousands of readers worldwide about who their favourite player of 2/4 marches is or was and what was it that you liked about their style of delivery. Why not email with your thoughts.

Tributes have been added to our post regarding the sad passing of Douglas Elmslie.