Piping History etc

We start the week with a good dose of bagpipe history and an article published in the Oban Times in 1941 by P/M Robert Meldrum. It goes back to the earliest recorded competitions and makes some interesting observations. The history of our music is extremely important. It lets us all see how we are involved in the carrying stream of piping and its traditions, traditions that stretch back over 500 years. Read P/M Meldrum’s article here.

We believe it important that all young pipers are taught to appreciate this aspect of their musical education and would encourage their tutors to point them in the direction of pipingpress.com to learn about it  …. all accessible free on their mobile (cell) phones and at the click of a computer mouse.

Reminder: For those in Brittany, Erwan Ropars‘ funeral is in Quimper Cathedral at 2.30pm tomorrow, Tuesday, January 14.

We are well into the New Year now and it may be time you started planning your piping summer. Another reminder therefore. If it is solo piping you are into then check out the Guide to the Games here. For the band calendar get the latest free edition of Pipe Band magazine which has all the RSPBA contests beginning in May.