Argyllshire Gathering Registration Notice

AG logoAssistant Piping Steward at Oban, Torquil Telfer has sent this: ‘Just a quick note advising that the Argyllshire Gathering has a new web site. All pipers will require to re-register. Old passwords will no longer be valid. Applications [for this year’s contests] close on 31st January as the joint meeting will be in February. Should anyone have any difficulty with an entry please contact me at
It is understood that the AG has had considerable difficulty in getting their new site up and running, with the old site infrastructure still being used at present. AG officials expect there will be teething problems for the next few weeks. Pipers who are asked for tunes when they try to sign in should simply put in some rough initials for the time being so that they can get their entry registered. If anyone has a problem Mr Telfer has made public his mobile number which is 07985 160250.
Though not crucial for the Joint Committee meeting, P grade players are asked to register so that the promoters can get some idea of numbers.