PP Tuition Academy

[easyrotator]erc_9_1417192041[/easyrotator]Today sees the launch of PP Academy the pipingpress.com teaching resource.  In his first tutorial Robert Wallace has a look at pipe bags, explains their importance and weighs the benefits of synthetic v skin.

The humble pipe bag, the subject of today's PP Academy
The humble pipe bag, the subject of today’s PP Academy

PP Academy is a free resource which will build over the coming weeks and months into a comprehensive teaching/learning programme covering all aspects of the Highland pipe and its music. Read more.

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  1. Piping Press Academy: What a brilliant concept! Looking ahead, I can see this idea growing into a concrete facility that will rival the Piping Centre and the College of Piping. Would it be possible to secure an accessible location and set up shop ? I am thinking minimal capital output and with your contacts that you have developed over 15 years as College of Piping principal students will have the opportunity to visit a Glasgow address the caters to the piping community at home and abroad.

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