Robert Burns Junior Contest

This popular contest is held every year in Dumfries in Southern Scotland. The large entry shows a healthy piping interest in the community in that part of The country. Only this year the first summer school was organised in the area by local enthusiasts with dozens of children signing up for top class tuition.

Results of the 15th Robert Burns Piping Contest 6th September 2014
Held in Dumfries Academy, Dumfries:

Class 1
Under 11 Years Chanter Contest
1st ​Angela Murray Cup​​ ~ Euan Patterson ​~ Sanquhar
2nd ​Robert Burns Festival Cup ​​~ Billie Smith ~ Dumfries
3nd ​Adam Frazer Shield​​ ~ Rory Butcher ~ Dumfries
4th ​Galabank Trophy​​ ~ Molly Robertson ~ Dumfries​

Class 2
Under 14 Years Chanter Contest
1st ​Tom Holmes Cup​​ ~ Megan Muir ~ Eastriggs
2nd​ Grierson Cup​​ ~ Zelia Clash ~ Eastriggs
3rd Ship Inn ​​~ Chloe Backhouse ~ Eastriggs
4th ​Arthur Higgins Memorial Shield ~ Heather Thomson​ ~ Eastriggs

Class 3
Under 14 Years 4-parted March
1st ​The McBurnie Cup ​​~ Jamie Lockerbie​ ~ Dumfries
2nd ​Provost J Groom Shield​​ ~ Jamie Hiddleston​ ~ Dumfries
3rd ​George McBurnie Shield​ ​~ Mae Cranmer​ ~ Dumfries
4th​ David McKie Shield​​ ~ Euan Donald ~ Gatehouse of Fleet
5th ​Tony Turner Cup​​ ~ Lewis McNish ~ Dumfries​

Class 4
Under 16 Years March, Strathspey & Reel ​
1st​ British Nuclear Fuels Cup ​​~ Callum Bertram​ ~ Dumfries
2nd​ Gallovidian Cup​​ ~ Lani O’Neill ~ Dumfries
3rd​ John McQueen Trophy​​ ~ Bethany Hanley​ ~ Dumfries
4th​ The Holywood Trust Trophy​​ ~ Sophie Easthill​​ ~ Dumfries​​

Class 5
Under 18 Years March, Strathspey & Reel
1st​ The PenmanTrophy​ ​​~ Callum Bertram​ ~ Dumfries
2nd ​Border Gathering Shield​​ ~ James Costin​ ~ Maryport, Cumbria
3rd​ Lochar Cup​​ ~ Lani O’Neill​ ~ Dumfries
4th ​Brian Conchie Cup​​ ~ Sophie Easthill ​~ Dumfries​ ​​

Class 6
Under 18 years Hornpipe & Jig​
1st​ Allan Baldwick Cup​ ~ Callum Bertram​ ~ Dumfries
2nd​ John Dowson Cup​​​ ~ Cameron McNay​ ~ Lockerbie
3rd​ Callum Watson Shield​​ ~ James Costin​ ~ Maryport, Cumbria
4th​ Shirley Bell Cup​ ~ Bethany Hanley ~ Dumfries​

Class 7
Under 21years Slow Air, Hornpipe & Jig
1st ​Russell Brown MP Cup​​ ~ Fraser Hogg​ ~ Dumfries
2nd​ Bradford Cup​​ ~ Callum Bertram ~ Dumfries
3rd ​John Agnew MBE Cup​​ ~ James Costin ~ Maryport, Cumbria
4th ​RMT Shield​​ ~ Cameron McNay ~ Lockerbie

Class 8
Under 21 years Piobaireachd –
1st​D & G Burns Trust Festival Cup​​Fraser Hogg​ – Dumfries
2nd​D & G Burns Festival Cup – 1​Bethany Hanley​ – Dumfries​

1.​P/M Martin MacDonald – ASBM&HD
2.​SGT Colin Simpson – ASBM&HD

From the Army School of Bagpipe Music & Highland Drumming in Edinburgh
By kind permission of Captain Gordon Rowan.

Prizes were presented by P/M MacDonald, Sgt. Simpson and Alf Hannay – Chairman of the Dumfries & Galloway Burns Festival Trust who funded this year’s awards
A total 65 competitors entered the Burns Piping Contest

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