Braemar Games

Ian Duncan reports: Twenty four brave pipers competed at Braemar after two intense days at the Northern Meeting in Inverness. Weather cold and dry at start, heavy rain by 12 noon.


Piob: 1 Callum Beaumont, Lament for Ronald MacDonald of Morar 2 Graham Mulholland 3 Robert Gibb 4 Matt Pantaleoni
Eight tunes submitted

March: 1 Craig Sutherland 2 John Angus Smith 3 Callum Beaumont 4 Jori Chisholm
S&R: 1 Craig Sutherland 2 Callum Beaumont 3 Graham Mulholland 4 Greig Canning


Piobaireachd judges Jack Taylor, Norman Mathieson, Malcolm MacRae
MSR judges: Stuart Samson, Jimmy Banks, Ian Duncan 

Under 18 March: 1 Donald Stewart 2 Lewis Russell 3 Marshall Allan 4 Finlay Frame
Under 18 S&R: 1 Marshall Allan 2 Sean McHugh 3 Donald Stewart 4 Lewis Russell