Argyllshire Gathering Complete Results & Short Video

Douglas Murray won the Argyllshire Gathering Gold Medal with a wonderful rendition of the tune MacNeill of Barra’s March. He was the unanimous choice of the judge’s bench (see below). Afterwards Douglas said: ‘This is something every piper dreams of achieving. I started trying for the medal 15 years ago so it has taken a lot of work over the years. I have had eight prizes in the event but never the top award.’ Douglas’s success created a unique family double. His older brother James, now teaching piping in Western Australia, won the same Gold Medal in 1997. The remainder of the prize list comprised entirely of Canadian pipers with outstanding playing from Ian K MacDonald, Andrea Boyd, Glenn Brown and Andrew Hayes. I’ll have a more detailed critique of all the performances later but for now, sufficient to say this was a very high standard event. To get in the list was a major achievement.

Here is a clip of Gold Medallist Douglas Murray leading the march to the games park for the 2014 Argyllshire Gathering:

The A Grade light music was a personal triumph for young Craig Sutherland from Pitlochry. He took first in both events. His pipe, finger and musical expression were outstanding. In my view he was a clear winner. Not many pipers have done this double. Alasdair Gilies I think did it, Walter Cowan certainly did and so did William McCallum.

Gold Medal presented by the Highland Society of London
1 (£400) Douglas Murray, MacNeill of Barra’s March
2 (£250) Ian K MacDonald, Lament for the Only Son
3 (£185) Andrea Boyd, Big Spree
4 (£135) Glenn Brown, Suibhal Seumas
5 (£100) Andrew Hayes, Big Spree
Judges: I MacFadyen, R Wallace, J Wilson

Senior Piobaireachd
1 (£450) Bruce Gandy, Laird of Anapool’s Lament
2 (£300) Stuart Liddell, Laird of Anapool’s Lament
3 (£200) Angus MacColl, Donald Gruamach
4 (£145) Faye Henderson, Red Speckled Bull
5 (£100) William McCallum, Abercairney Salute
Judges: A Wright, M McRae, C MacLellan

Silver Medal presented by the Argyllshire Gathering
1 (£300) Decker Forrest, MacLeod of Raasay’s Salute
2 (£250) Angus J MacColl, MacLeod of Raasay’s Salute
3 (£130) Sean McKeown, Kinlochmoidart’s Lament No.1
4 (£90) Stuart Easton, The Groat
5 (£50) Sandy Cameron, Battle of Auldearn No2
Judges: S Samson, P Molard, W Morrison

MacGregor Mem.
1 (£100) Cameron MacDougall
2 (£75) Scott Barrie
3 (£50) Ursa Beckford
Judges: R MacShannon, R Worrall, I Duncan, S Shedden

Former Winners MSR
1 (£400) Stuart Liddell
2 (£250) William McCallum
3 (£200) Gordon McCready
4 (£135) Angus MacColl
5 (£100) Gordon Walker
Judges: J MacDougall, B Donaldson, W Cowan

Oban Day 2

‘A’ March
1 Craig Sutherland
2 Alasdair Henderson
3 Alastair Dunn
4 Alex Gandy
5 Andrew Hayes
6 William Geddes
Judges: I McLellan, R Wallace, R Worrall (This bench did the March qualifier then the S&R final)

‘A’ S&R
1 Craig Sutherland
2 Alistair Lee
3 Alasdair Henderson
4 Andrew Hayes
5 Iain Speirs
6 Jamie Forrester
Judges: W Morrison, I Duncan, J Wilson (This bench did the Strathspey & Reel  qualifier then the march final)

‘B’ March
1 John Lee
2 Andrew Lee
3 Greig Canning
4 Steven Gray
5 Decker Forrest
Judges: W Cowan, P Molard, I MacFadyen

‘B’ S&R
1  Eric Ouellette
2 Colin Campbell
3 Angus J MacColl
4 Ben Duncan
5 Connor Sinclair
Judges: B Donaldson, R MacShannon, C MacLellan

1 Fred Morrison
2 Alasdair Henderson
3 Steven Gray
4 Alex Gandy
5 Gordon McCready
Judges: B Hitchings, A Frater, M McRae

Local March
1 Aaron Hossein
2 Jamie Baxter
3 Alasdair MacLean
4 Jamie McAndrew

Local S&R
As March
Judges: A Wright, S Shedden, S Samson

The Royal Celtic Society prize for most points in the Senior Piobaireachd and Former Winners’ MSR:
Angus Nicol Quaich and £100 for most points in the Silver Medal and ‘B’ Ceol Beag:
Duke of Argyll’s Bursary Junior MSR and £100:
1 Jamie McKerrall
2 Alexander Anderson
3 Gregor MacDonald
4 Jamie Divers