Lonach Gathering

Nine in Piob, 11 in light music. Cold day.

1. Gordon McCready, Pass of Crieff
2. Graham Mulholland, Lament for the Only Son
3. Nick Hudson, I got a Kiss of the King’s Hand
4. Anna Kummerlow
5. Robert Gibb
6. William Rowe

Judges: James Hamilton, Archie MacLean, Ian Duncan.


1. Nick Hudson
2. William Rowe
3. Eric Oullette
4. Anna Kummerlow
5. Graham Mulholland
6. Gordon McReady


1. Eric Ouellette
2. Gordon McCready
3. Nick Hudson
4. William Rowe
5. James McPetrie
6. Graham Mulholland

Willie Grant tune

1. Eric Oullette Doune of Invernochty
2. Nick Hudson Monadh Gowan
3. Anna Kummerlow Lonach Gathering
4. Gordon McCready Lonach Gathering
5. Fraser Maitland Doune of Invernochty
6. James McPetrie Lonach Gathering

Judges: Duncan Watson, Jack Taylor